Inspiration of the Day

Today my sister needed the car, so I had to catch a taxi to work. As I first stepped out of the building, I was thankful to find one in less than a minute. He was an old man in his late 50s/early 60s. I told him where my destination was and he started driving. On the way, he turned on the radio, it was 93.1 FM–The Holy Quran Radio Station. There was a Sheikh reciting Quran, he had a beautiful voice mashaAllah. At the same time, I heard an echo of the Sheikh’s voice, I thought there was a car around us that was playing the same radio station.. but the echo was still going. I realized then that it was the taxi driver, it was his voice, he was reciting the sura with the Sheikh in a low tone. It was Surat Al-Emran, the second longest sura in the Holy Quran. MashaAllah, he had it all memorized. At one point, the Sheikh on the radio started crying as he was reciting it. The driver went quiet. I looked at him, and I could see tears coming down his face, they were covering the wrinkles under his eyes. I was amazed; how beautiful. This old man was very touched by the sura that it filled his eyes with tears. After a few minutes, I reached my work. I paid for the ride, thanked him, and left the taxi. I was speechless.

He is a lucky man. While working as a taxi driver to gain money to support himself financially, he also uses this time to remember his Lord–listening, reciting, and memorizing Quran–nonetheless inspiring others without even trying. I was inspired. May Allah bless this old man with happiness, good health, and guide him onto the straight path to Jannah.

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